Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Getting Started

When I finished my first novel, everyone said I should have a web page. Yes, everyone. Why? Because you need a web page when you have a novel. PEOPLE EXPECT IT.

So I got "Creating Web Pages for Dummies." I read about services such as Yahoo's geocities websites and aol's hometown websites, the ones for dummies like me, I guess. I even looked at html tags until my eyes crossed, which was for, oh, about two minutes. Then I found courses in The University of British Columbia's continuing education catalog, the one for "computer and tech careers." Well, I'm more of a liberal arts person actually, so taking one of those courses just wasn't going to happen. More crossed eyes, you know.

So then I got to--okay, skipped ahead to--the chapter in "Dummies" about blogs. Hmm... blogs. Those are kind of like web pages, aren't they? I mean, they're on the Internet, and you can post stuff on them. You WRITE in them. "Dummies" recommended Google's blogger, and, since I always do what a dummy tells me, I came here and signed up. In the next few weeks (months? years?), I'm mostly going to write about my experiences writing my second novel. I will try to keep the whining at a minimum, and I promise to also write about other things, maybe some of the things OUTSIDE my head and house.

There! I have a web page. Is EVERYBODY happy?


Blogger barbara said...

great start , judy! we're all so proud of you.

now , might i suggest that you make that link to starcrossed productions clickable , so that people can just click and go there to buy your book?



12:19 PM  
Blogger Kym said...

I am happy.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to see you have a blog. I look forward to future writings.


5:53 PM  

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